APO Remix the Orchestra - in spectacular style!

APO Remix the Orchestra is a life-changing and award-winning music programme fusing urban & classical music through professional industry mentoring and the use of the latest audio production technology.

GBPensions thought this sounded so amazing that we requested our 2014-2015 APO sponsorship be used to support this project.

Over the past seven years, Remix participants have worked with professional musicians and composers from the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra as well as leading local hip-hop artists including David Dallas, Tyree, Dei Hamo and, this year, K.ONE, Lavinia Williams and DJCXL.

Under the musical direction of the Remix programme’s musical director, Matt (aka Anonymouz), participants create and record many exciting new works that have previously had impressive live performances at the Otara Music Arts Centre, the Auckland Town Hall and the Auckland Arts Festival.

In 2015, the APO offer two Remix strands: one developing the potential of young Auckland songwriters, and one developing gifted and talented “remixers.”

Since we visited their workshop on February 14th, we haven’t been able to stop humming the various samples from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake! There are loads more photos and videos on the Remix Facebook page; just follow the link on the website. We know you’ll be impressed. (Actually, that’s an understatement!)

Well done to everyone who took part; you were all brilliant. Special congratulations to Marina Alefosio, Hannah Searle, Jay Seve, Ellaphon Tauariki and Anthony Te Tava who were selected to perform at the Auckland Arts Festival on March 22nd. We can’t wait to see you there.

Please note: all photographs used here are copyright Adrian Malloch Photography.

APO Remix the Orchestra - in spectacular style!
APO Remix the Orchestra - in spectacular style!