Wendy Cresswell explains why GBPensions is an APO Remix the Orchestra sponsor

On February 14th 2015, we attended the APO Remix the Orchestra workshop. It’s fair to say that we were blown away by the experience!

Young people from different cultures and backgrounds had been brought together that day, and there was an atmosphere of sincere camaraderie and purpose. It was only later we realised that many of them had never even met before the day; it was their passion for music and their determination to not waste this precious opportunity which brought the groups together. There was discussion, decision-making and laughter. Every person’s opinion mattered, everyone was there to do their best for everyone else.

With the invaluable support of the urban musicians and APO performers, what those young people achieved in one day was simply amazing! We heard three excellent but distinctly different mixes, each reflecting the personalities of the group. But more than that, we saw the pride of the young people involved, and their joy when their work was so positively received.

APO Remix the Orchestra is an outstanding project, not just for the music which is produced but for the social skills and self-confidence it brings out in its participants, and for the life-changing impact it can therefore make. We are genuinely proud to support this project.