The Transfer Process

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If you decide to transfer your British pension into a UK SIPP or NZ QROPS, you could gain access to your money entirely in a lump sum (if preferred /required) and as efficiently as possible, potentially mitigating tax liabilities in both the UK and New Zealand.

Due to the amount of admin involved, a pension transfer takes several months. The impact of a global pandemic on international postal systems has not helped.

However, to try and streamline the overall process and alleviate some of this stress, GBPensions now has a postal drop-box and telephone service in England. This admin service means that UK companies can send the paperwork to a mainland UK address, our admin manager can then scan those documents to us in Auckland, and we can get to work while the hard copies are on their way. You can read more about this service on GBPensions’ blog page.

The Transfer Process

We promise to do the leg work for you, try to make the whole process as straightforward as possible, and never expect you to fill out reams of paperwork!

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“Great team, great job. How could I have done it myself? With three different schemes to sort out, each needing tons of paperwork, calls and signatures(!), I was so relieved that I’d approached GBPensions. Thank you, Tony and team, for making it easy-peasy.”

Pet Refuge NZ, a woman sitting on the grass with her loved cat and dog

Pet Refuge NZ

Supporting the life-saving work of Pet Refuge NZ

GBPensions is a Major Donor to Pet Refuge. This amazing charity provides temporary shelter and care for pets affected by domestic violence, keeping them safe while their owners escape abuse.

To learn more about how Pet Refuge is helping to change and save lives, please go to

Please visit our blog page to read more about why GBPensions has chosen to support their work.

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