A woman hugs her beloved tabby cat. Image is for illustrative purposes only. Photo by Remy Gieling on Unsplash

Since opening its shelter doors in August 2021, Pet Refuge has provided a safe haven for more than 400 pets while their families escape abuse and find a safe home. GBPensions is proud to support the work of this amazing charity, re-signing as a Major Donor for 2024.

“We are pleased to be able to renew our support for Pet Refuge and hope that in doing so, it can continue to provide its valuable service for a long while to come,” said GBPensions director Tony Chamberlain. “So often, pets bear the brunt of the stress in family breakdowns, and it is only right they can be taken out of harm’s way into a safer environment until they can be returned to their families.”

As many of us return to work after the summer break, it’s sad to reflect that not everyone has enjoyed a pleasant Christmas and New Year. Stress and financial challenges go hand in hand, resulting in a drastic increase in domestic violence incidents in New Zealand. In 2022/23, there were more than 177,450 family harm investigations, up more than 58,500 since 2017.

Fortunately, boosted by extra support from its Christmas 2023 appeal, Pet Refuge was able to keep up with demand, transporting a large number of pets to its shelter, and providing them with the necessary resources, veterinary care, and cuddles throughout their stay.

Via social media, Pet Refuge confirmed: “We are pleased to say this has been the most successful Christmas/New Year we have had to date, and we were able to give a safe bed to all pets who needed our help over this time period!”

A new initiative for 2024

In late January, Pet Refuge announced its new desexing fund. Although desexing is not central to the charity’s core purpose, animal welfare obviously is. “Since Pet Refuge started, there has been a consistent need for desexing. Often, the owners of these beloved pets have not only experienced domestic violence but also financial and emotional abuse, preventing the freedom and ability to get their pet desexed.

“With this money and the discount our amazing vets provide, we hope to be able to desex every pet that comes into our care in the next 12 months!”

To find out more about Pet Refuge, go to petrefuge.org.nz